Philodendron Plant Care: Complete Beginner Guide

philodendron plant care guide

Understanding Philodendron Plants Philodendron, a much-loved houseplant, originates in tropical rainforests. They are part of the Araceae family, with over 400 species. Knowing how to take care of them makes them perfect for homes and offices. These plants come in…

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care: Complete Beginner Guide

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care Guide

Understanding Fiddle Leaf Figs When it comes to understanding Fiddle Leaf Figs, certain aspects must be taken into consideration. These include humidity levels, sunlight exposure, watering frequency and soil composition. Aspect Details Humidity levels Moderate to high humidity is essential.…

ZZ Plant Care: Complete Beginner Guide

ZZ plant care guide

Introduction to ZZ Plants Are you a neglectful plant owner? The ZZ plant is perfect for you! Originating from Africa, it has glossy leaves and can withstand all sorts of neglect. It also purifies the air, removing toxins like benzene…

Rubber Plant Care: Complete Beginner Guide

Rubber Plant Care Guide

Basic Needs of a Rubber Plant To ensure your rubber plant thrives, you must understand its basic needs. With this section on ‘Basic Needs of a Rubber Plant’ and its sub-sections – ‘Light Requirements, Temperature Requirements, Watering Requirements, Soil Requirements’…